Do You Have Frizzy Waves & Volume In All The Wrong Places? Read This

by Jerald Dyson

2B looks like relaxed waves and often has a very defined S-wave shape—even without the need for styling. While the roots are fairly straight, if you have 2B hair, you’ll find that your wave pattern makes an appearance starting at the mid-length and continues through to the ends. 

2B hair, much like hair types higher on the Andre Walker scale, can be deceptive because your defined wave pattern means that you can technically lose length in the pattern. This means that when wet, your hair may look longer than when it’s fully dried. Kelly Harrison, the brand manager of BIOTOP Professional, notes that while 2B hair is “thick, full, and beautiful…if you don’t know how to manage this hair type, your curls can look wild and unruly.” 

Because of your visible texture, you may find that dryness is a constant battle. Just like the true curlies and coilies in Types 3 and 4, natural oils that your scalp produces can struggle to fully travel down your hair’s shaft. As a result, dry ends are a common complaint. And if you don’t figure out the proper moisture balance, you might find that you experience more intense tangling, frizziness, and even split ends. 

As if that’s not enough, Type 2 hair can be fine, meaning that obvious go-to’s like coconut oil or shea butter, which are fantastic for Type 3 and 4 heads, could leave you with oily locks that look greasy. Instead, you’ll need to look for lighter formulations that help to quench thirsty hair without weighing it down.


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