Health Coach Job Description

by Jerald Dyson

The health coach job description calls for someone who can train others in order to help them live a healthier lifestyle. These professionals work for hospitals or clinics, but they may also operate independently freelance, on a per-contract basis for their clients.

In this article, we will talk further about a health coach’s job description and relevant information related to that.

Health Coach Job Description: What Do Health Coaches Do?

Health coaches provide direction and accountability to clients in order to help them achieve health-related goals and make life adjustments. Coaches can help clients improve their relationships, launch new jobs, achieve health and wellness goals, and better their financial situation.

In-person or online, health coaches work with clients one-on-one or in groups. Dietitians, nutritionists, therapists, practitioners, and personal trainers are some of the more traditional wellness experts who offer health coaching. The purpose is to serve as a support system, hold clients accountable, and collaborate with them to create a tailored roadmap for success, all while keeping comprehensive health in mind.

health coach job description

Health care workers who want to become health coaches usually have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in a relevant field. Aspiring health coaches gain experience in the profession through job roles, internships, or volunteerism after earning a degree. Many health coaches also become certified experts in order to establish credibility.

Health Coach Job Description

A health coach evaluates clients’ habits, discusses their health concerns, and then works with them to make behavioral, dietary, and other adjustments that will improve their health and wellness.

Clients seeking self-directed, long-term changes that promote health and wellness and, as a result, boost wellbeing work with health and wellness coaches.

Health coaches assist in the transition process of clients to lead them to healthier life. They accomplish this by:

  • Meeting with their clients to discuss goals, progress, and difficulties (in person, remotely, or over the phone).
  • Assisting clients in comprehending their “why” or motive for change
  • Clients are empowered to consider themselves as experts in their own health and circumstances.
  • Assisting with goal-setting and holding people accountable
  • Using their extensive understanding of health and wellbeing to assist their clients in resolving their health issues.
  • determining a client’s current health status
  • Creating health objectives for a client
  • They provide counseling services and opportunities
  • Keeping track of a client’s progress
  • Conducting screenings for mental health
  • Creating a treatment plan for a client

Responsibilities Of A Health Coach

Health coach job description: A Health Coach’s tasks change from every day to a varying number of coaches. Your obligations as a coach will vary depending on the goals of your clients and your area of expertise. Health Coaches work with clients who want to make self-directed, long-term changes that enhance health and wellness, according to the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching (the organization that sets standards of education and practice for health and wellness coaches).

health coach job description

Health and wellness coaches show unconditional positive regard for their clients and a conviction in their ability to change in the course of their work. They also accept that each client is an expert on their own lives and ensure that all interactions are polite and non-judgmental.

  • Individuals who are eligible for health coaching programs are contacted, and initial interviews are conducted.
  • Provides required coaching in order to decrease or eliminate high-risk behaviors
  • Develops and delivers health and wellness seminars and conventions for family members, clients, and even employees who are interested in learning more.
  • Produces and distributes health education materials to clients, such as brochures.
  • Develops custom-tailored treatment plans for specific customers.
  • To give a well-rounded experience coordinates with customers’ other healthcare professionals.
  • Meeting with clients through one-on-one sessions or in groups, either online or in-person, to discuss and develop attainable short- and long-term goals.
  • Creating secure, supportive environments for clients to explore their objectives and intentions
  • Educating people on how to take control of their own health
  • Assisting clients in gaining a better understanding of their reasons and changing their behavior.
  • assisting clients in building long-term diet, exercise, or other health plans that are tailored to their specific needs
  • Mindfulness in all parts of their clients’ lives is encouraged.

Health Coach Job Description: Knowledge And Information Required For A Health Coach

People who want to work in health and wellness usually enroll in degree programs specializing in one field, such as nutrition, biology, or physical therapy. While a bachelor’s or higher-education degree is not required for many health coaching programs, it can help put Health Coaches up for success in supporting clients with nutritional and other wellness or fitness goals.

health coach job description

Make sure you understand what your program requires before enrolling, for example, its Health Coach Training Program does not require a college diploma. Coaches will learn how to best support positive behavior change as well as how to run a health coaching business during the training program.

The criteria and suggestions for specialized expertise and education differ by state and country. In general, 

Health Coaches Have The Following Qualifications:

  • Demonstrates creativity and openness to new ideas and concepts.
  • Demonstrates the capacity to handle client problems and overcome obstacles to their health and behavior.
  • Has a high level of optimism and the capacity to inspire clients to make significant changes in their lives.
  • Working with clients, their families, and other healthcare practitioners requires good communication skills.
  • Demonstrates a dedication to customers and a willingness to go above and beyond usual obligations in order to deliver the finest possible service.
  • Demonstrates self-assurance and the capacity to articulate opinions that may or may not be popular with clients.
  • A desire to improve one’s health and wellbeing
  • Communication abilities that work both online and in person
  • a willingness to keep their knowledge base and best practices up to date
  • Working with the general public and a desire to help others.

Health Coach Job Description: Education And Experience Required

At least a Bachelor’s degree in health education, nursing, sports training, or nutrition is required to work as a health coach. They will need extensive expertise in areas such as weight control, pre-and post-natal care, stress reduction, chronic condition treatment, and more. Because some healthcare expertise is required, many health coaches begin their careers as nursing assistants, nutrition counselors, or nurses and work their way up.

health coach job description

A bachelor’s degree in also a field related to nutrition, counseling, exercise, psychology, wellness, nursing, or health care can also be used to start a career as a health coach. Despite the fact that a bachelor’s degree is considered a professional minimum, job seekers with a master’s degree or higher are likely to receive preferential attention during the recruiting process.

Work Environment

Depending on his or her organization, a health coach’s work environment varies quite a bit. Clients may be asked to make appointments and visit a facility on a regular basis in some situations. In other cases, the coach will go to the client’s house, especially if they are extremely ill or disabled. In typical conditions, they work 40 hours per week over five days, but in emergency situations, they may be called on at all hours of the day, night, holiday, or weekend.


According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 99,400 health educators and community health workers employed nationally in 2012, including health coaches. By 2022, this employment figure is expected to rise to 120,800, representing a 21 percent increase. These figures show that the growth of these health-related occupations is outpacing that of all other occupations.

In 2012, the following were the top five industries in which health educators worked:

Religious, charitable, civic, and professional groups, among others.

health coach job description

Health Coach Job Description: Services For Ambulatory Health Care


Assistive Services

In 2012, the top five industries employing health community employees were

  • Rehabilitation services for individuals, families, communities, and workers
  • Services such as outpatient, laboratory, and other ambulatory care are available.
  • Governments at the state and local levels (excluding education and hospitals)
  • Religious, charitable, civic, and professional groups, among others
  • Hospitals 

Health trainers are frequently employed in the following places:

  • Day spas
  • Medical clinics
  • Stores that sell natural health foods
  • Doctor’s offices
Assistive Services


The amount of money a health coach can make is determined by whether the person is hired full-time or works on a freelance, per-contract basis. The national average income for a health coach is $58,000. Coaches who work for themselves or for small agencies or clinics earn the highest, between $80 and $100 per hour, while those who work for small agencies or clinics earn the least, just under $30,000 per year.


Health coach job description: There has never been a better opportunity to invest in yourself to become the kind of health professional that can help fill for the absence in the healthcare system.

Health coaching is one of the fastest-growing professions in healthcare, with career opportunities on the rise. 

It is both flexible and of varying advantages not only for the person becoming a health coach but for the clients as well. We hope this article covered all of your inquiries related to a health coach’s job description and what do health coaches do.

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