UK to Ukraine Surrogacy Experience with Feskov’s Surrogacy Agency

by Gabrielle Perry


Embarking on the path of surrogacy is a significant decision that couples around the world make for various reasons. One destination that has gained prominence in recent years for surrogacy is Ukraine, and Feskov’s Surrogacy Agency has emerged as a reputable player in facilitating this journey. In this article, we delve into the perspectives of parents who have chosen the UK-to-Ukraine surrogacy route through Feskov’s agency, shedding light on the intricacies and rewards of international surrogacy.


The Decision-Making Process

Navigating UK’s Surrogacy Landscape

In the United Kingdom, surrogacy is a complex and regulated process. Legal restrictions, long waiting lists, and a scarcity of willing surrogates drive many couples to explore options abroad. The decision to opt for international surrogacy often stems from the desire for a more streamlined and efficient process.

Choosing Feskov’s Surrogacy Agency

Feskov’s Surrogacy Agency in Ukraine has gained a reputation for its professionalism, ethical practices, and success rates. The decision to collaborate with an international agency involves meticulous research, and many couples find Feskov’s track record, transparent procedures, and supportive approach appealing.

The Journey: From UK to Ukraine

Legal Considerations and Assurance

Navigating the legal landscape is a crucial aspect of international surrogacy. Feskov’s Surrogacy Agency provides comprehensive legal guidance, ensuring that the surrogate process adheres to both Ukrainian and UK laws. The assurance of a legally sound journey offers peace of mind to the intended parents.

Medical Expertise and State-of-the-Art Facilities

One of the key factors attracting couples to Feskov’s agency is the high standard of medical facilities and expertise. The use of cutting-edge reproductive technologies and a team of experienced professionals contribute to the agency’s success in achieving positive outcomes for intended parents.

Cultural Sensitivity and Support

Embarking on a surrogacy journey in a foreign country involves navigating cultural nuances. Feskov’s agency recognizes the importance of cultural sensitivity and provides comprehensive support to parents throughout the process. This includes assistance with language barriers, cultural adaptation, and emotional support during this transformative journey.


Success Stories: Perspectives from Parents

Overcoming Challenges

The surrogacy journey is not without its challenges. Parents who have chosen Feskov’s agency recount their experiences of overcoming obstacles, including the emotional strain of being geographically separated from the surrogate and the anticipation leading up to the birth. However, the agency’s support system and regular updates helped ease the challenges.

Celebrating Milestones

Success stories abound among parents who have chosen the UK to Ukraine surrogacy route with Feskov’s agency. From the joyous moment of hearing a heartbeat during an ultrasound to the ultimate celebration of bringing a child into the world, these milestones become cherished memories for parents who have weathered the surrogacy journey.

Addressing Concerns and Misconceptions

Ethical Considerations

International surrogacy often raises ethical concerns, including the potential exploitation of surrogates. Feskov’s agency places a strong emphasis on ethical practices, ensuring fair compensation and comprehensive healthcare for surrogates. The agency’s commitment to ethical surrogacy aligns with international standards and provides reassurance to parents.

Transparency in the Process

A common concern among those considering surrogacy is the lack of transparency in the process. Feskov’s agency prioritizes open communication, providing parents with a clear understanding of the entire surrogacy journey, from initial consultations to the legal intricacies and medical procedures. This transparency fosters trust and collaboration.



The journey from the United Kingdom to Ukraine for surrogacy with Feskov’s Surrogacy Agency is a testament to the evolving landscape of reproductive options. Through legal diligence, medical expertise, and unwavering support, Feskov’s has become a beacon of hope for parents seeking alternative paths to parenthood. The shared experiences of those who have navigated this journey highlight the potential for joy and fulfillment that can be found in international surrogacy, making Feskov’s agency a noteworthy player in the global surrogacy landscape.

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