Is Tae Bo Good For Weight Loss

by Penny Alba


Tae Bo has been characterized as an excellent cardiovascular workout with very good distractions. Because of the movements it involves, Tae Bo is effective in toning and defining the body’s musculature. It can also improve one’s balance, flexibility, and coordination.

How many calories does 30 minutes of Tae Bo burn?

Estimated Energy Burned
5 Minutes 44 calories 533 calories
10 Minutes 89 calories 1067 calories
15 Minutes 133 calories 1600 calories
30 Minutes 267 calories 2134 calories

How much calories does Tae Bo burn?

According to the Health Research Funding organization, a 120-pound person burns 552 calories doing Tae Bo for 60 minutes. At 150 pounds, the calorie burn increases to 687 calories per hour. If you weigh 200 to 250 pounds, you can expect to burn 912 to 1,137 calories in a one-hour Tae Bo session.

Can I do Tae Bo everyday?

He recommends every other day. This gives your muscles time to recover. Tae Bo is a mix of aerobics, boxing, & tae kwon do.

What exercise burns most calories in 30 minutes?

Running at even a slow pace burns a lot of calories for 30 minutes. On average, running burns between 10.8 to 16 calories per minute and putting it at the top of the list of workouts that burn the most calories.

How long are Tae Bo workouts?

Product information
Run time Ž2 hours and 26 minutes
Language ŽEnglish (Dolby Digital 2.0)
Actors ŽBlanks, Billy
Aspect Ratio Ž1.33:1
Studio ŽVentura Distribution
8 more rows

Is Tae Bo a HIIT exercise?

Tae Bo Workout to Lose Weight – 60 Minute HIIT Cardio and Abs Workout.

How many calories does 10 minutes of squats burn?

One squat, at moderate intensity, equals 0.32 calories therefore you will burn around eight calories for every minute when doing normal intensity Squats.

How much fat does a 20 minute workout burn?

To test the calorie-burning potential of this type of workout, the American Council on Exercise put together their own

Which dance burns the most calories?

How many calories can you burn with dancing?
Ballet: 179 calories.
Ballroom: 118 calories.
Hip hop: 207 calories.
Salsa: 143 calories.
Swing: 207 calories.
Country Western line dancing: 172 calories.
Tap: 164 calories.


Weight Matters

According to Harvard Health, if you are about 125 lbs, you will burn about 300 calories for every 30-minute kickboxing class that you take. On the other hand, if you are 200 lbs, then doing kickboxing for 30 minutes will burn you about 450 calories.

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