Jennifer Martin – The Easy Diet That Permanently Changes Your Life

by Charles Purdom
Jennifer Martin - The Easy Diet That Permanently Changes Your Life

Jennifer Martin shares her story of how Speed Keto changed the way she looked and transformed her life. She explains that counting calories was never part of this new lifestyle and goes into detail on some other benefits, such as feeling better from day one to have a more positive impact on those around you in your family.

What made you decide to try Speed Keto? (What or Who inspired you to try out Speed Keto?)

Jennifer Martin: I decided to try Speed Keto after I had seen several post on Facebook about the program and the amazing results people were having.

What kind of meals did you enjoy the most while on Speed Keto? (Did your family also enjoy the meals? Kid friendly?)

Jennifer Martin: I am extremely picky and I never try new recipes. I looked through the book and thought I bet o won’t eat any of this but i decided I would at least try. I could not believe how GOOD the food was. Some of my favorites are bacon wrapped chicken fingers, crispy chicken drums, cabbage casserole and the ham and egg cups for breakfast.

Tell us about the options for keeping the meals fresh and exciting on Speed Keto. For example have you tried any of the “bonus” recipes from the files, or used any of the additional cookbooks?

Jennifer Martin: I ordered speed keto on a budget after my first couple rounds of the original speed keto book and speed keto on the go so I could switch meals around and have more options. I also make my own meals using the approved meats and veggies list in the book. The combinations are endless and will keep anyone from getting bored.

Why have you decided to make Speed Keto your lifestyle?

Jennifer Martin: Decided to make speed keto my lifestyle because of the way I feel while following the program. I also know that if I return to my old habits and way of ending I will return to my old weight and the sluggish bloated feeling that I hate. Speed keto changes the way you feel about yourself. It is definitely a lifestyle not a diet.

Jennifer Martin

Will you be recommending Speed Keto to your friends and family?

Jennifer Martin: I always recommend speed keto to everyone I know. I’m so excited about the benefits and the great success that I have had.

Did you follow a specific Speed Keto plan? Intermittent Fasting, Non-Fasting, Vegan or Vegetarian?

Jennifer Martin: I followed the intermittent fasting plan.

Are you planning to continue or follow Speed Keto again in the near future? (Why or Why not?)

Jennifer Martin: Currently, I am in my fourth round of keto. I have 40 pounds left to go before reaching my goal weight, and I know that this is the only plan which has ever helped me achieve it so far!

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