MATCH TO YOUR MOOD – Tropic Skincare

by Christina Gvaliant
MATCH TO YOUR MOOD – Tropic Skincare


If the eyes are the windows of the soul, then we ought to be treating them to the most premium window dressing out there. 

Creating a lively, animated eye look isn’t just a case of style. You should be able to treat your makeup as an extension of your personality, suiting the version of yourself that you want to present to the world that day, so variety is of the essence. 

Allow us to introduce our Silk Gel Liner family! With five scintillating shades to choose from, including two brand new additions in Warm Brown and Luna, these are makeup bag must-haves. Packed full of natural mineral pigments to ensure long-lasting bold lines, they give you the freedom to switch things up in a second to match however you’re feeling, from soft browns for laidback days to rich, impactful tones when you’re feeling suitably dramatic. Ready to meet our fierce five?


Even for the makeup maestros among us who have their daily routine down to an art, there comes a day when a full face just isn’t the mood of the moment and all we want are quick, comforting options. Luckily, a more minimal ‘au natural’ look never goes out of style, and Warm Browns soft, earthy tones keep things effortlessly low-key whenever you want a fuss-free day, while still complementing a more glam look if you decide to dress up.


Feeling calm, collected and like nothing on earth could faze you? For those blissful moments when we’re going about our days without a care in the world, Slate’s cool grey tone is a match made in heaven. If you’re in the mood to wing it, this finds the ideal middle ground between subtle and stand-out and really helps to bring out the more subdued, oceanic tones of grey and blue eyes.



For mornings when you’re positively bursting with excitement, whether you’ve just had great news or simply woken up with some extra pep in your step, Luna is the brightening way to go. This neutral tone applied in the waterline lets your exuberant glow show from the inside out and it also makes an ideal base for a dynamic, colourful eyeshadow look! 


If you’ve got places to be and people to see, we’re betting you want to craft a more lively eye look that turns heads as soon as you walk in the room. That’s where Brown comes in! With a deep tone stronger than our Warm Brown shade, this is truly one for the weekends, or any day during the week where you’re feeling fun, flirty and utterly fabulous.



We’ve all had days where we want to do something bold with our look, making a switch-up to reflect a change in our lives or keep things fresh. Our advice? Put the phone down to avoid making that spur-of-the-moment decision at the hairdressers you may regret, and reach for Ebony instead. Here to make an eye-catching bold statement, this striking, jet-black tone will give you a smoky intensity – and unlike a fresh new ‘do, you can take it off once you’re not in the mood to go big anymore!


We couldn’t finish without dropping a few tidbits on how to maximise the dazzle factor of your Silk Gel Liners (and revealing some of their hidden talents).

  • All five liners are super long-wearing and water-resistant, but if you want that extra security, try dabbing a similarly toned eyeshadow onto your eyeliner before it dries. Unbudgeable eyeliner goals!
  • Want to make your eyes look naturally bigger and brighter in minutes with three easy steps? Apply Luna into your waterline, lightly smudge Warm Brown under your lash line and then add your mascara. Instant difference, minimal effort.
  • Hop on the faux freckle trend with Warm Brown or Brown – give them a go and see which you prefer!


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