Meditation Techniques to Open Your Third Eye

by Christina Gvaliant
Meditation Techniques to Open Your Third Eye

Did you know that you have three different eyes? In ancient Greece, those who could control their third Eye were said to be able to see things beyond what the normal senses could see. The ancients believed that the third Eye was connected to the brain and that those who could use their three Eyes better had an increased sense of self-awareness. In Hinduism, the third Eye symbolizes a higher spiritual state of awareness through which you can perceive the world with greater clarity. With ancient meditation techniques, you can open up this third Eye and gain an even deeper, more comprehensive understanding of the world around you. Here, we’ll introduce you to some simple meditations that will help you open your Third Eye and begin to realize more about yourself.

  • This is the most challenging step in learning how to open your Third Eye. First, you must begin the healing process by disciplining your mind to release any opposing thoughts or beliefs that you may have about your physical body. It would help if you then replaced those thoughts with positive thoughts and ideas. Once this is complete, it will be easier for you to visualize the perfect image of your physical body and begin the healing process.
  • Second, once you have opened your Third Eye, you must learn how to use your psychic abilities. This is the most challenging step in learning how to unlock your Third Eye. To use your psychic abilities, you must first gain the knowledge and the strength to allow the images to flow through you into your subconscious. Once you have learned how to do this, you will open your Third Eye and start accessing your psychic abilities. However, it is essential to remember that you must first clear your mind of negative thought patterns for this to happen.
  • Third, the final step in opening your Third Eye is to move your consciousness out of your physical body into the realm of the spiritual dimension. It would help if you began to transcend the limitations of time and space, as well as the ego. Once this is accomplished, you can start using the astral plane. This plane of existence is much like the physical world, except it is much more soothing. The only difference between the astral and physical worlds is that while the astral plane is relaxing and tranquil, it is also devoid of any form of pain or discomfort. This is why it is referred to as the “heavenly plane.”
  • When you’re trying to open your Third Eye, you should also start paying attention to the foods that you eat. Many people are unaware that they are eating acidic food items that can stimulate the reaction of a strong acid within the body. Sour foods include fruits such as grapes and cranberries, acidic vegetables such as cauliflower and onions, and dairy products such as cheese, ice cream, and milk. If you want to open your Third Eye, you should start introducing more alkaline foods. The alkaline foods will help to restore the balance of the fluids and minerals in your body. This balancing of the fluids and minerals in the body will help open your third Eye.

Once you have completed the fourth step in opening your Third Eye, you may notice a tingling sensation beginning to occur. This is a sign that the healing process has been completed. You can confirm this with a simple feeling in your fingers. If you feel a very small stinging or burning sensation, this indicates that the healing process is not complete. You can either complete the healing process at this point by repeating the steps above or continue your meditation.


As you complete each of the fourth steps on opening your Third Eye, you will notice that there will be a smooth progression of events. No matter how small or insignificant you may think your problems may be, they are a product of the energetic issues that are part of your life. This exercise aims to release any energetic debris that is stuck within the chakras so that they can function correctly. In addition, if you continue to work at releasing any negativity, you will heal your physical body and enhance your spiritual experience.

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