Meet The Low-Key Cousin Of CBD That Might Help You Snooze

by Jerald Dyson

If you’re feeling stressed, you may be wondering if CBN is a worthy candidate to help. “When comparing CBD and CBN as a single molecule, the data is overwhelmingly in favor of CBD being a more potent and effective agent—this is true for a variety of issues including stress and relaxation,”* Gordon says, adding that CBN could possibly help with stress through its limited effects on the CB1 receptor.

So while more human research is needed, Dani Gordon, M.D., a U.K.-based double board-certified medical doctor and author of The CBD Bible, tells mbg that CBN is likely more helpful for promoting calm when it’s paired with other cannabinoids in a full-spectrum hemp product.*

Full-spectrum products contain the entire array of all the plant compounds found in a cannabis plant. They are all thought to work together synergistically, combining to enhance the product’s overall benefits—including relaxation and stress relief.*

If you’re curious about using a full-spectrum product for stress relief, check in with your health care provider first to make sure it’s the right fit for you. Refer to this list for some of mindbodygreen’s favorite options.


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