by Christina Gvaliant


Our Infinite Purpose is to create a healthier, greener, more empowered world, which is why we aim to do things differently. We believe in being a force for good beyond beauty. 

Our Packaging

With thousands of deliveries leaving Tropic HQ on a weekly basis, it’s imperative that our packaging aligns with our eco-conscious ethos. As such, all elements of Tropic parcels are completely compostable or recyclable. 

We’ve substituted traditional plastic tape with gummed paper that contains vegetable glue. It’s not only 100 per cent recyclable and compostable, but also more effectively safeguards products as the packaging is more secure and tamper-proof. We’re phasing out bubblewrap wherever possible and instead using paper fill, and 100 per cent compostable air bags made from potato and corn starch. 


We’re a completely landfill-free brand. We’re now independently verified by Valpak, a leading provider of environmental compliance for further transparency. In 2020, we recycled 122 tonnes which equated to 65 per cent of all of our waste. Anything we can’t recycle is repurposed into an alternative fuel (that replaces fossil fuels) to power homes and businesses. All the energy used to recycle and turn our waste into alternative fuel is, like all aspects of our operations, double carbon offset. 

Refillable Products 

We now offer a refill option for all of our serums and oils, encouraging customers to retain their pipettes and purchase refill options when it’s time to reorder their favourite skincare treat. Both the aluminium cap and glass bottle are widely recycled and in 2020, we stopped over 300kg of plastic waste from being generated thanks to this initiative.

We offer refill pouches for our Signature Hand Wash and Luxury Bath Foam, as well as refillable lipstick cartridges. Additionally, our Mineral Foundation and Make It Matte setting powder can be refilled with our innovative compostable pouches.

Returns Recycle Scheme 

Our empty products return initiative ensures that products, such as our Body Smooth, Illuma diffusing concealer, Lip Glazes, Fixing Gel Mascara and Extension Fibres – whose packaging cannot yet be widely recycled by local councils – can be given a new lease of life through our recycling partners. We incentivise customers to support this initiative by offering a free product for every five empty products of that type sent back.

All product empties that we accept through our return initiative are recycled, with no components going to waste. Even though the majority of our sun care packaging is widely recyclable in household recycling streams, we introduced a new returns scheme for our entire sun care range. This is to encourage customers to take their empty sun care products home with them when they’re out and about or at the beach. 

For every 5 empty products of the same type collected and sent back to us, we reward with a free product of that type!

Returns Recycle Scheme 

Recycling what we can and helping our customers to do the same are just some of the small steps we as a business can take towards being a force for good beyond beauty.

We know we aren’t perfect and there’s always more we can be doing so we will forever work hard to be the best we can be. 

Thank you for being patient with us and thank you for helping us to create a healthier, greener, more empowered world.


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