So Done With Squats? Try This Effective Single-Leg Movement Instead

by Jerald Dyson

There’s nothing quite like a leg workout that specifically targets your glutes, leaving you feeling shaky yet accomplished at the end of your gym session. Your mind might wander to some variation of a squat, but glute bridges—and especially, single-leg glute bridges—can really burn out your butt most effectively from the floor. 

The traditional glute bridge is fairly easy to nail (see form tips here), but if you’re ready to take your workout to the next level, you may benefit from trying a single-leg move to target those hard-to-reach glute muscles through isolation. Here, yoga teacher and fitness professional Suki Clements demonstrates exactly how to nail down proper form for this tricky movement, as well as some useful modifications to tailor your glute bridge to your strength level.


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