Speed Keto Diet Plan: Linda Vasquez’s Surprising Results

by Christina Gvaliant
Speed Keto Diet Plan: Linda Vasquez’s Surprising Results

You’ve probably heard about all sorts of miracle diet plans over the years. With each one promising to provide incredible results and yet failing just short of average. But, that does not mean that some success stories are not true!

In this article, Linda Vasquez shares her personal experience with Speed Keto and why she thought it was different from all the other diet plans she’s tried.

How did you feel on Speed Keto? Better, worse, the same? Did you notice any positive health benefits?

Linda Vasquez: I feel awesome. My knees feel great, no pain. And I’ve had more energy and feel better and younger, just in general.

How much weight did you lose while on Speed Keto?

Linda Vasquez: I have lost53 lbs.

What kind of meals did you enjoy the most while on Speed Keto? (Did your family also enjoy the meals? Kid friendly?)

Linda Vasquez: I love all the meals I’ve tried so far! The Cabbage casserole was delicious. I also loved the Haddock with asparagus — I made it for company once and they loved it just as much. I’ve also had my dad raving about the roasted chicken recipe.

Were you excited to learn that macro and calorie counting was not required to lose weight on Keto?

Linda Vasquez: That’s the best part. I’m always so busy, so not having to worry too much about that kind of thing was great. I failed so many other weight loss programs for that reason, actually. Or, at least, I thought so. Now, I can say that I found the perfect partner in Speed Keto.

Will you be recommending Speed Keto to your friends and family?

Linda Vasquez: Yes, I’ve been telling everyone how much weight I lost on the diet! And the food too, can’t not talk about the food.

I just don’t want to begrudge my friends and family to find success with the program. It was so easy for me, and I think they can make it work too.

Are you planning to continue or follow Speed Keto again in the near future? (Why or Why not?)

Linda Vasquez: I’m Speed Keto for life!

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