Stand Taller and Stronger With This 15-Minute Back Workout

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Your back and core muscles are like sweet and salty flavor combinations—opposites that complement each other well. In this recent episode of Good Moves, fitness instructor Traci Copeland leads viewers through a core-engaging and back-strengthening workout in just 15 minutes. Copeland explains that using your core can strengthen your back and vice versa.

Even though they’re on opposite sides of the body, there’s a symbiotic relationship between your back and core. Your “core” encompasses your frontal abdominal muscles, side muscles, diaphragm (the muscle structure under your lungs that supports proper breathing), pelvic floor, and a deep band-like muscle that wraps around your abdomen like a corset. According to a 2016 study published in the International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy, core strength was highly associated with a reduced risk for lower back pain. Participants with higher levels of core strength appeared to have more trunk control—which is the ability to control the motion, balance, and stability of the core and lower back during activities—and less low back pain.

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So, Copeland walks you through moves that complement your back and core. You start with some full-body, dynamic stretching and then move into some superman moves. Then you move into various forms of planks, superman modifications, and rounding out with some cat and cow and cobra stretches as well. These moves offer you the chance to isolate upper and lower back muscles while also engaging your core for smooth execution. Ready to stand taller and feel stronger? Grab a mat and comfy clothes and let Copeland lead the way.

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