Taking Back Your Life After Obesity: The Stephanie Haislip Story

by Charles Purdom
Taking Back Your Life After Obesity: The Stephanie Haislip Story

Obesity and other related health conditions don’t need to be final. You can always get your life and health back, if you put in the time and effort to shed those extra pounds. Begin your weight loss journey to get yourself back together, so you’ll always be there for your loved ones during the moments that matter. Listen to Stephanie Haislip to know how she did it. 

Why did you decide to try Speed Keto? What were the factors that convinced you to try it?

Stephanie Haislip: I was having some health troubles in my 30s. I was already prediabetic, and I was taking 2 blood pressure medications. I also had plantar fasciitis, which meant that I couldn’t even walk for more than a couple of steps. And I was also considered morbidly obese for my height.

I have a family and elderly grandparents who need me, and I want to be around for them. So, you know, I had to figure something out. It’s not just me, too. My mother and my sister also have weight issues, but they chose to have bariatric surgery. I didn’t think that was a good choice for me though. I didn’t want loose skin, plus I didn’t have the money for that procedure, so I decided to look at other solutions. And this is what ultimately led me to trying out Speed Keto. 

How much weight did you lose while on Speed Keto?

Stephanie Haislip: I’m telling you, in less than a year, I already started seeing good results. I was doing Speed Keto for ten months, and I noticed that I dropped 67 pounds! 

Stephanie Haislip

Were you excited to learn that macro and calorie counting was not required to lose weight on Keto?

Stephanie Haislip: Absolutely! Not having to figure it all out helped me stay on track and stick with it. Once I stuck with it, losing those extra pounds came as just a matter of time. 

As a parent, how has your successful Speed Keto journey improved your family life?

Stephanie Haislip: After I lost weight on Speed Keto, I finally have more energy to take care of my family. I don’t get tired easily anymore. I can accomplish all the tasks I need to do throughout the day, and I don’t even need to take naps in between (which is a major improvement, no matter how innocuous it may sound!)

Did Speed Keto actually help you lose FAT? What was your BMI before and after keto? Did you lose any inches?

Stephanie Haislip: Before Speed Keto, my BMI was 32. Now, I’m at 28. And I lost TONS of inches. There were some months that I lost 12-15 inches all over. After seeing results like that come so fast, I knew I just had to keep going. 

Are you planning to continue or follow Speed Keto again in the near future? Why or why not?

Stephanie Haislip: Oh, yes, of course. This is a lifestyle for me now. I never want to be obese ever again. And, for the record, when I say that Speed Keto is a lifestyle, it’s because this is the ONLY program that has ever worked for me.

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