The Hack That Made Meditation 10x Easier For Me (Because You Know It’s Hard)

by Jerald Dyson
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That’s why I’ve started to utilize an aromatherapy mist to mark the start of my session. Scent is a powerful tool—one that can influence your mood and headspace. Mindy Yang—a fragrance expert, Reiki healer, and founder of Perfumerie—once described it to me as “You actually experience the sense of smell: It triggers our emotions and the memories before you’re able to actually process the actual experience,” And since I’ve been trying to use fragrance ingredients to my advantage, like mindbodygreen’s dream mist. 

Our new linen spray is a soothing blend of essential oils that relax the mind. Our soothing blend was formulated from science-backed ingredients with relaxing properties. The lavender essential oil is a favorite in many households and loved for its tranquil floral scent. Sandalwood is an ancient oil that’s essential to various meditative rituals for many cultures; this warm and rich note grounds our mist. Finally, there are two florals: Roman chamomile is wild-harvested in Europe and offers an herby note, while the wild-harvested Linden blossom is airy and light. Together, these can be used to create an atmosphere that will quiet your senses and get you into the headspace for meditation. 

I like to spray it on my meditation pillow and in the air around me before I shut my eyes and turn on a guided meditation or begin my mantra. (I alternate between the two types of meditation, as some days I need a little assistance, whereas other days I find I can get into the headspace easier.) Instantly, I feel enveloped with a comforting ease.


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