The Life-Changing Benefits of the Speed Keto® Diet Program | Interview with Candace Burnham

by Christina Gvaliant
The Life-Changing Benefits of the Speed Keto® Diet Program | Interview with Candace Burnham

Today, Candace Burnham will tell us how the Speed Keto diet program has changed her life for the better. Not just by allowing her to reach her goal weight, but also by freeing her from the chokehold of the autoimmune disease that she’s been living with for a huge chunk of her life. More on her story in the interview below:

How long have you been on Speed Keto?

Candace Burnham: Exactly 18 months to date! I spent the first six months of Speed Keto losing weight, as was my goal. And, for the next twelve months, after reaching that goal weight, I continued (and will continue) Speed Keto to maintain that weight.

How would you describe your experiences with Speed Keto? Have you been feeling better, worse, the same?

Candace Burnham: On Speed Keto, I felt (and still feel), absolutely AMAZING!

When I was younger, I was diagnosed with Sjogren’s Syndrome — an autoimmune disease that focuses specifically on the eyes and the mouth — and a host of other autoimmune conditions. And, it really hit me hard the past couple of years. It made me lethargic, listless. And, with the accompanying joint pain… Well, let’s just say that I wasn’t in my best form.

Once I started losing pounds on Speed Keto though, it’s like my whole body just lightened up. I didn’t realize just how awful Sjogren’s was making me feel until the pain stopped, and I was happier, more energetic, just better... I now have significantly higher energy levels, increased mental clarity and focus, and elevated moods. And this isn’t just hocus pocus stuff either! My lab work in recent months has been coming up FABULOUS. All the markers for inflammation and autoimmune antibodies are now in normal ranges, where they were previously astronomically high! So yeah, I feel fantastic!

Did you exercise often on Speed Keto? What kind of physical activity did you do to lose weight and to maintain the weight that was lost?

Candace Burnham: Actually, I’ve kept my exercise habits pretty steady these past 18 months. That means that I didn’t change it even at the point where I was close to reaching my goal weight. Speed Keto just worked without it; I needed no greater amount of physical activity to burn the last bits of stubborn fat. I could have definitely pushed for more physical exertion for even faster results, but my weight loss at the time was going pretty quickly already (60lbs lost in 6 months!), so I saw no point in it, even if I did feel more energetic on Speed Keto.

More exercise didn’t really fit my schedule anyway. So, even now, while I work on maintaining my goal weight, I haven’t done much to change my exercising habits — outside of adding some extra interval training, which goes hand in hand with my newly found quick recovery times!

How do you plan for meals while on the Speed Keto diet?

Candace Burnham: I have all the cookbooks! Speed Keto offers a variety of them, and I use those to plan meals out for months at a time (not unlike the OG SK meal plan!). I like to mix and match between the different cookbooks to keep things fresh and exciting. Not just for myself, but for my husband as well, who ended up jumping in on the Speed Keto wagon a year ago.

Are you planning on continuing Speed Keto for much longer?

Candace Burnham: Definitely! Now that my husband is in on the fun, we’re going to keep up on the Speed Keto diet to make sure that we’re staying in tip-top shape.

We’re an adventurous kind of couple, after all. And, having the extra energy from Speed Keto. (especially now that we’re well into our 50s!), is a great way for us to keep having fun without having to worry constantly about our health, weight, or stamina.

Would you recommend this diet program to your friends and family?

Candace Burnham: A hundred times YES!! I would recommend this plan to just about everyone actually, regardless of their weight! Everyone should be aware of their long-term health, after all, and this program makes that so very simple.

Everything is planned out in great detail for you to get started, and once you’re used to it, it’s easy enough to change things up because it was designed to be flexible (what with the additional cookbooks and guides). It’s just the perfect plan, I think. You get to learn how to cook REAL food, how to understand the hidden secrets behind nutritional labels, how to be successful in reaching any health/weight goals, etc. etc. There’s just no better plan out there.

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