There’s A Big Astrological Happening This Weekend — Here’s What To Know

by Jerald Dyson

Mars is the planet of action, Uranus is all about new possibilities, and the north node relates to karma and destiny. Put it all together, and we’ve got one major astrological event on the horizon, reaching its point of closest conjunction (and peak impact) on Sunday, July 31.

As holistic psychiatrist and astrologer Kayse Budd, M.D., explains to mbg, “The Mars-Uranus-north node conjunction creates a time of heightened energy, intensity, impulsivity, initiative, enthusiasm, inspiration, and instability.” She notes that it’s creating a great potential for change, and we may feel a strong push to get started on something. There’s also a strong possibility of accidents, disasters, and even violence, at this time.

“Because this conjunction is in Taurus, themes of finances, land, houses, clothing, gold, jewelry, and other possessions are relevant,” Budd explains. Other Taurean themes such as the body and senses in general, could come into play, such as wanting to change up your appearance, she adds.

“When planets conjunct the north node, their impact is strengthened. Whatever results have a possible karmic importance—thus, changes and initiations that happen during this conjunction are likely moving a soul (or society) forward in some way,” Budd tells mbg.

And just as an FYI, this isn’t a “one-day-only” event. While the conjunction will peak on the 31st, Budd notes that the first waves of this energy could be felt around July 22, and will continue on into early August. “It finds a second, more emotionally active peak on August 5 due to the moon’s opposition of the conjunction that day and begins to fade from there,” she adds.


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