These Are The 2 Most Common Sexual Health Concerns For Women Over 50

by Jerald Dyson

Addressing any concerns with your doctor will allow you to create a path to care that can treat a lack of sexual interest or pain during sex, but taking your sexual well-being into your own hands is necessary to enjoy sex well into your 70s and 80s (as studies suggest many women hope to do).

For more tangible advice, OB/GYN Susan Hardwick-Smith, M.D., previously told mbg, “As we experience hormonal and physical changes in midlife, vaginal intercourse becomes increasingly difficult, if not agonizingly impossible. There are countless other ways to express intimate physical contact—the only criteria is that it creates pleasure for both parties.” She suggests focusing on cuddling, touching, and showing displays of sexual intimacy in your day-to-day that will boost connection and make you feel closer to your partner. 

What’s more, services like pelvic floor physical therapy may be helpful, as well. (You can read all about one woman’s successful experience with PT treatment for painful sex here.)


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