This Is Honestly The Only Ingredient You Need For A Gut-Healthy Smoothie

by Jerald Dyson

Whether you’re adding avocado, leafy greens, or antioxidant-rich berries to your blender, there’s a good chance you could still benefit from something that will bolster your organic veggie intake and fill you up with gut-healthy fiber.

That’s why mbg developed organic veggies+, a greens powder loaded with 31 powerhouse ingredients, including prebiotic fiber and probiotics to nourish your body with just 1 tablespoon. Adding this powder to your smoothie not only helps to regulate blood sugar levels, but it also supports healthy digestion and aids in keeping your gut microbiome balanced.*

The science behind this product is sound, but don’t just take our word for it. These customer reviews reveal just how much people are loving the addition of organic veggies+ in their smoothies to kick-start their day:


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