We Found Them: Here Are The 15 Best-Smelling Body Lotions

by Jerald Dyson

Why use scented body lotion you might ask? Well, it can actually be an aromatherapeutic experience. Here’s what that can look like: Using a citrus-scented body lotion in the morning can help awaken the senses. On the other hand, reaching for something with lavender and eucalyptus notes may help you relax before bed. So what scent you choose should depend on what sort of end result you’re going for—more on that later. Keep in mind that this isn’t a new practice, as scented cosmetics have been used for ages.

In fact, evidence from Ancient Egypt tells us that aromatic oils were likely being used before 4500 B.C. The ancient Egyptians are renowned for their knowledge of cosmetics and fragrant ointments—with their most famous herbal preparation being “Kyphi,” which was a multipurpose spiritual blend of 16 ingredients.

Now, while we can’t promise these body lotions are crafted with 16 different fragrance notes, we can tell you that they smell divine and will keep your skin hydrated and soft, sans harmful additives. 


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