What Astrologers Want You To Know About The (Unpredictable) Energy Of October

by Jerald Dyson

We’ll welcome the end of three retrogrades as a trio of planets returns to their senses: Mercury (in Virgo) on October 2, Pluto (in Capricorn) on October 8, and Saturn (in Aquarius) on October 23. Last month was a lot to handle with six retrograde planets—particularly Mercury, which messes with our day-to-day affairs, technology, and interpersonal affairs. We may see some stability return to our daily systems, workplaces, and society again with these planetary shifts. Thank goodness!

Got something to say now that Mercury retrograde is over? Easy now. The boldfaced Aries new moon on October 9 has the audacity to oppose gracious Venus, the ruler of Libra and the keeper of civility. Maybe you’ve compromised a little too much, sacrificed for others, and you’re feeling resentful. It’s awesome to recognize that, not awesome to lash out.

The October stars are making it clear: We can’t maintain peace at the expense of our principles and individuality. But could we all just be a little nicer and more polite about it? Minding our manners at this full moon might be a challenge but one worth attempting. Creative challenge for humanity: Find a way to “do you” without treading on anyone else.

So yeah, Libra season isn’t all “love and light,” even after Mercury goes direct. Rule-maker Saturn and rulebreaker Uranus are locked in a 90-degree square within one degree of each other from September 23 to October 23. This energy, which was a huge part of 2021 (remember that insurrection?), pays its last visit, shaking up structures and hierarchies once again. With midterm elections around the corner, things could get really heated.


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