What Happens When You Stop Taking Collagen? An Expert Explains

by Jerald Dyson

Let’s dive further into the research, shall we? One clinical trial found that participants who took 2.5 grams of collagen peptides once daily for 24 weeks experienced stronger nails and improved growth rate—and four weeks post-supplementation, 88% of them had maintained that improvement. Another randomized controlled trial measuring eye wrinkle formation also found positive, long-lasting effects four weeks after the last time participants took collagen peptides (again 2.5 grams). Finally, a 2019 study found that a liquid collagen supplement (which included collagen peptides, acerola fruit extract, vitamin C, zinc, biotin, and a vitamin E complex) was associated with positive effects on skin hydration, elasticity, roughness, and density—and after a follow-up period of four weeks, those benefits were “substantially retained.”*

In context, this means that if you skip a day or two of your collagen supplement, you’re not going to see a dramatic drop-off (although, we still recommend you stick to a daily routine if you can!). Again, that doesn’t mean you should slack off when it comes to collagen; the benefits noted in the clinical trials above came from a routine supplement routine. Emphasis on routine.

Mughal finishes up the video by noting that skin health is largely related to diet, but, “objectively speaking, collagen supplements do help.”* We agree, Mughal, and here’s a full guide to collagen supplements if you want to learn more about the research-backed benefits.


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