5 Treadmill Workouts to Lose Weight

by Christina Gvaliant
5 Treadmill Workouts to Lose Weight

There is no magic pill for weight loss. You need to eat well and exercise. A great way to burn calories is through treadmill workouts. One of the things I like most about treadmill running is that I can’t make excuses when it’s cold or raining. I can also watch TV while I workout on the treadmill, which helps pass the time.

Even if you are not a runner, treadmills are an excellent way to exercise. You may be surprised that even walking on a treadmill and varying your speed and incline, you will be burning those calories and strengthening your muscles. I find interval training helps bring variety to your treadmill workout as well.

5 Treadmill Workouts to Lose Weight

These workouts are meant for you to listen to your body and work at your own pace. Some people may be able to sprint at level 10-12, while others will feel comfortable at 5-6. Take some time practicing each of these workouts to figure out what pace is right for you. Set a goal to increase your pace as your fitness improves.

Workout time – 30 minutes

Jogging on your treadmill is a very effective way of burning off fat. However, many people do it the wrong way, holding onto the treadmill’s front bar during their jogs. This method simply doesn’t give you the results you desire for weight loss. As you jog, keep your arms moving, just as you would while running. Then, follow these simple steps:

  • Walk at a medium pace for 5 minutes.
  •  Jog at 4-5mph speed (or whatever speed works for you) for 5 minutes
  • Repeat the interval 3 times
  • Cool down with slow walk for 2 minutes

Total workout time – approximately 25 minutes

This routine uses short bursts of speed to get your heart pumping.

  • Warm up with a moderate walk or slow jog (2 minutes)
  • Increase your speed by 2-3 levels for a fast walk or jog (3 minutes)
  • Sprint at a level that feels right to you. Often 5-6 levels up above. Don’t be afraid to push yourself here. (30 seconds)
  • Recover with moderate walk/slow jog (1 minute)
  • Repeat interval 5 times
  • Cool down with a 3-minute walk

Workout time – approximately 35 minutes

Sprints provide you with a workout of high-intensity. Unlike the workout above, the focus is on sprinting every 2 minutes after a 10-minute steady walk/jog. You’ll increase your heart rate and aim to push past your threshold. The entire process helps you to effectively burn more calories.

  • Brisk walk or Jog (10 minutes)
  • Sprint at an increased speed that feels right for you for 30-seconds.
  • Return to your jogging speed for 2-minutes.
  • Repeat the intervals above 10 times. Try to increase each sprint speed by 0.1-.2 mph.
  • End your sprint workout with a brisk walk for 5 minutes.

Workout time – varies

Hills are very good for increasing your heart rate. They also give you a very good workout for the muscles in your lower body.

  • Complete a 5-minute warm-up brisk walk or jog with your treadmill’s incline set to 0.0
  • Increase the treadmill’s speed by about 0.5 mph, and your incline to 1.0
  • Jog or run for 1-minute.
  • Return to an incline of 0.0.
  • Walk or jog for 1-minute.
  • Increase treadmill speed by 0.5 mph and your incline to 1.5
  • Repeat the intervals, increasing your speed and incline by at least 0.5 higher than the previous increase.
  • Cool down with moderate walk on incline 0.0

Note: Aim to build up to an incline of 8.0, but you can stay at a lower incline until you build up your stamina. 

workout time – 35 minutes

I call this one the “muscles” workout because the goal is just that, to work different muscles in a variety of ways. Using mainly your bodyweight, you’ll work nearly all of the muscles in your legs.

  • Brisk walk or jog for 5 minutes
  • Slow treadmill to 1-2mph
  • Sidestep with left foot – can dip into a side lunge if that feels OK. (1 minute)
  • Turn around and sidestep with right foot in front (1 minute)
  • Continue to side step, but this time cross left over right (1 minute)
  • Switch right over left (1 minute)
  • Face forward again and do walking lunges (2 minutes)
  • Walk on tiptoe for (2 minutes)
  • Increase incline as high as it will go (or as high as is comfortable for you.)
    You may need to hold handlebars. Walking climb facing forward (1 minute)
  • Decrease incline to about 3-4, and walk backward (1 minute) – hold handles if necessary
  • Repeat workout 3x
  • Cool down with 2-5 minute walk

Do you workout on the treadmill to lose weight? What other workouts do you like?

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