An Astrologer’s Favorite Way To Tap Into All Things Gemini Season

by Jerald Dyson

This sign craves stimulation, communication, new ideas, and the exchanging of information, she adds—which may come as no surprise if you have any Geminis in your life.

So, what does that mean for Gemini season? According to Maree, when the Sun is in Gemini, our minds become more active, and there’s an excitement in the air, as well as a desire to communicate our newest topic of interest with those around us. This time of year can also feel “speedier” than Taurus season, which precedes it, she notes, adding, “Being a mutable sign, Gemini season has a nature of change to it, of clearing out stagnant energy and bringing in the new.”

During Gemini season, you might find yourself changing your mind, letting things go with ease, and exploring new ideas, Maree explains. “We have been moving through some denser energies with eclipse season, with much change, upheaval, and for some, heightened emotions. Gemini brings a lightness into the air that asks us to open to new possibilities and be curious about what potentials lay ahead of us,” she says.


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