Cork Yoga Mat • Yoga Basics

by Christina Gvaliant
Cork Yoga Mat • Yoga Basics


We’ve teamed up with our friends at Satori Concept for this month’s yoga giveaway sweepstakes prize. For the month of August, one YogaBasics reader will have a chance to win an Eco-friendly Natural Cork Yoga Mat!

About Satori Concept:

Satori Concept is your home for innovative eco-friendly yoga products. Satori Concept’s natural cork yoga mats are made from sustainably sourced cork and recycled rubber, being completely non-toxic and TPE-free. They’re also soft to touch and feel wonderful against your skin during your practice. Please take a moment to check out their website to see their entire line of yoga mats.

About the prize:

Om Instruction Cork Yoga Mat – Satori is Satori Concept’s approach to yoga and product design. Satori Concept believes in the transformative power of nature. This concept flows into the natural imagery and esoteric symbols like OM – known as the sacred sound of the universe, that is printed on this yoga mat. The OM symbol calms your mind, thoughts and emotions. It reminds you to connect with the universe, allowing your body and mind to be at peace. Made from 100% organic cork and recycled rubber, this 4mm thick yoga mat will sustain the earth while supporting your practice.


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