How To Fade Sun Spots Without Causing Irritation (It’s Possible!)

by Jerald Dyson

As much as I hate to admit it, summer is indeed winding down. My hope is that you were able to make the most of it, with long days spent enjoying the warmer temperatures, time in the sunlight, and days outdoors. I also hope that you were protecting your skin with adequate sun protection.

But even with diligent skin care routines, dark spots may slowly start to appear with age. Dark spots (or often called sun spots or liver spots) are a very common skin care concern that often become more apparent with time. Hyperpigmentation occurs when cells produce more melanin in one area than the rest of the skin, and is usually the result of a combination of genetics, lifestyle factors, and cumulative sun exposure. (So, yes, even if you’re diligent about SPF in your later years, dark spots might creep up thanks to the sunbathing days of your youth.)  

The most often recommended topicals to tend to these marks are retinol and vitamin C, which are worthy ingredients that are hugely beneficial for the skin. However, they’re not for everyone; some people find that their skin can’t tolerate the potent actives, especially those with sensitive skin. 

This all begs the question: What topicals can effectively fade dark spots, without causing irritation? Don’t worry, there are several lesser-known ingredients that can improve the appearance of dark spots, that are sensitive-skin approved. 


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