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Perfect Keto – A Near Perfect Supplement

by Al Paterson
perfect keto

Perfect Keto is a non-GMO supplement that helps the body transition into the stage of ketosis. When the body enters ketosis, it starts using fat as a source of energy rather than glucose. According to the manufacturers of Perfect Keto, the supplement is made from all-natural ingredients that help the body enter ketosis faster.

Right now, Perfect Keto is one of the most popular supplements in the market, and those who are following a Ketogenic diet, know how tough it is to transition to the stage of ketosis, so they are willing to take any help that comes their way. In this article, we will thoroughly discuss Perfect Keto and shed some light on its pros and cons (if there are any).

Do You Need Perfect Keto?

The most common question that people who are following the Keto diet ask is: do I need the help of supplements? Unfortunately, answering that question is not easy. It depends on several factors, ranging from your expectations of the supplements to at what stage of the diet you are willing to take supplements.

perfect keto

Perfect Keto contains an Exogenous Ketone base containing a significant quantity of BHB (Hydroxybutytrate salt), the standard exogenous ketone that almost all supplement manufacturers use. 

The formula of BHB salt is backed by solid evidence, and it provides numerous benefits to those following the Ketogenic diet. However, the role of BHB in reducing weight is debatable. 

Perfect Keto And The Ketogenic Flu

Perfect Keto has been known to help those who follow a Keto diet by keeping the Keto flu at bay. However, to understand how the supplement keeps the flu away, you must first understand keto flu.

When you switch to a Ketogenic diet plan, your body goes through several changes and sometimes can have some issues. The main issue that your body encounters is that it uses glucose from the carbs as an energy source. Still, the Keto diet allows an extremely low intake of carbs so that this energy deficit can cause a Ketogenic flu.

In What Situations Does Perfect Keto Work?

Once you start the keto diet, your consumption of healthy fats rises, and your carb intake decreases (Keto only allows 50 grams of carbs per day). However, there are other issues that your body faces when it shifts to the Keto diet, the intake of electrolytes is disturbed, and since fat stores less water than carbohydrates, your body will store less water. 

Perfect Keto is designed to combat these issues that your body faces, and its main function is to give BHB to the body by directly supplying BHB salts. In addition, perfect Keto also supplies a substantial amount of electrolytes to your body. 

Secondly, if you have already tried the Keto diet and are not impressed by the results, perfect Keto can help you out. Perfect Keto provides your body with the energy it requires, resulting in a decrease in your appetite.

The result of this will be that your consumption of food will fall, and the rate of weight loss will increase. Perfect Keto will also help you while exercising, as it will allow you to do more sets and reps without taking breaks. 

Drawbacks And Side Effects Of Perfect Keto

The main purpose of Perfect Keto is to keep the Keto side effects away, and the manufacturers of the supplement have paid attention to details. They have worked hard to rid Perfect Keto of all potential side effects. 

To date, there have been such reports of major side effects caused by Perfect Keto, but it still has a drawback, and that is its price. While the price of almost all the supplements in the market is high, Perfect Keto comes with a hefty subscription fee of 250 dollars per month. Thus, the perfect Keto is probably the best supplement out there, but it is expensive.

When Not To Use Perfect Keto?

There are certain situations where you cannot use Perfect Keto, and the most common scenario is when you want to follow an all-natural version of the Keto diet. 

Although following a diet plan based on artificial methods is easy, going all-natural is always the preferred strategy as this will make your body self-capable. In addition, going all-natural is the best method of achieving ketosis and is probably even better than Perfect Keto.

perfect keto

Perfect Keto More Than Just A Supplement

The Perfect Keto supplement’s success and stellar Perfect Keto reviews have enabled the company to grow significantly. As a result, today, the company offers more than just supplements, and its services include:

  • Keto Macro Calculator: Enter your body statistics into this calculator, such as weight, height, and weight loss goals. The calculator will divide your diet plan, telling you the exact amount of protein, carbs, fat, etc. This calculator is perfect for you if you’ve just started your Keto journey.
  • Tips and Guides: The Perfect Keto blog is a helping guide for beginners and walks them through terminologies of the Ketogenic diet, such as ketones and macros. The guide also discusses other concepts as well such as caloric deficits and intermittent fasting. For beginners, it is important to understand the science behind Keto.

Perfect Keto Bars

A new product has been added to the product line of Perfect Keto, and it is called Perfect Keto bars. These bars make for a quick keto-friendly snack, and you might want to stock them up since keto-friendly snacks are hard to find.

The bars are delicious, customers have praised them, and the carb content is low, only two to three carbs per bar. However, the carb content in these bars will not end your ketosis, so there is nothing to worry about. 

Perfect Keto is also adding new bar flavors, and they are:

  • Almond butter brownie
  • Salted Caramel
  • Lemon Poppyseed
  • Cinnamon Roll
  • Chocolate cookie dough

The bars are useful when traveling or at the office; they are a quick fix for afternoon hunger. 

Perfect Keto MCT Oil Powder

The Perfect Keto MCT oil powder is made from real and organic coconuts and offers an easy way of boosting your intake of healthy fats. The oil powder comes in several flavors such as:

  • Vanilla
  • Salted Caramel
  • Chocolate
  • Unflavored

Perfect Keto Nut Butter

This Perfect Keto nut butter combines nuts with a high-fat content (mainly cashews and macadamias) and coconut. This nut butter is made from all-natural ingredients and is not considered a supplement. However, nut butter is a fantastic substitute for peanut butter, full of carbs, and cannot be part of the Keto diet.

Customers that have tried the Perfect Keto Nut butter have praised it. Some customers liked it will celery. The butter also does a good job of keeping hunger down during the day.

Perfect Keto Instant Coffee

Keto coffee is a part of Keto breakfast, as consuming fat and caffeine is considered a smart way of boosting the energy in your body. The Perfect Keto instant coffee comes in several flavors:

  • Mocha
  • French vanilla
  • Unflavored

Both mocha and French vanilla flavors received praise from the customers; however, the unflavored version of the coffee was recommended for black coffee drinkers. The package of the coffee is also classy, and its small size makes them perfect for traveling. 

Perfect Keto Greens Powered With Mcts

perfect keto

One of the tough parts of a high-fat and low-carb diet is eating enough fruits and vegetables. You should have a consistent intake of fruits and vegetables; however, if you consume high fiber, you will be consuming up to twenty net carbs. 

One way to ensure that you get all the necessary micronutrients that veggies provide is by consuming the Keto green powder. The powder extracts more than 26 vegetables and fruits and only contains one gram of net carbs.

This greens powder is even more beneficial when you do intermittent fasting, as it acts as a shortcut and gives you all the important nutrients.

Does Keto Work?

This has been an ongoing debate that has now spanned decades, and countless studies concluded that the Keto diet is, in fact, effective. Moreover, the pros of the Keto diet outweigh the cons by a long margin.

In 2003, a report was published in the New England Journal of Medicine. The report made a comparison of the Keto diet and a typical low-fat diet. After six months, the participants on the Keto diet had dropped twice as much weight as the participants who were following a low-fat diet.

In 2008, a study conducted in London and published in the Nutrition and Metabolism Journal concluded that 95.2 % of the people who follow the Keto diet with Type-2 diabetes were able to reduce it or eliminate their diabetes medicine after two weeks. 

However, there are still some questions about how effective Keto is in the long run because few long-term studies have taken place. 


Perfect Keto is a game-changer for Keto diet lovers because it is rare to find a supplement with no side effects whatsoever. Customers have praised perfect Keto; unfortunately, it is not available in stores yet, so you will have to order online.

We have also discussed other Perfect Keto products in this article, so go over them and try them out. 

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