Tammy Bennett Reveals How Losing Weight Gives You More Energy to Enjoy Life

by Al Paterson
Tammy Bennett Reveals How Losing Weight Gives You More Energy to Enjoy Life

Just because your past weight loss journey didn’t quite work out doesn’t mean you can’t try again. As Tammy Bennett tells it, succeeding at weight loss is as much a matter of mindset as physical effort. Her success has also paid dividends for her health. Now, she can enjoy some newfound energy and she can have as much fun as she wants with her grandchildren. If you’re on the weight loss path, let Tammy Bennett’s story inspire your own journey.

What kind of changes have you noticed since starting Speed Keto?

Tammy Bennett: Oh, there were a lot of changes, for sure. After I started Speed Keto, I did notice that I can finally chase after my lovely granddaughters as long as I want whenever we’re playing tag — I just have more energy now. I also went from a size 16/18 to a 4, and then from XXL to small. 

And, when I visited my doctor he was very happy at the fact that my blood work is now within normal ranges. I have a condition called psoriasis, which is an autoimmune disorder. And, ever since trying Speed Keto, the whole thing cleared up. I’m not even taking medications for it anymore! So, I guess, all around, I’ve been very happy on Speed Keto!

What advice do you have for someone who is hesitant to try Speed Keto?

Tammy Bennett: Well, first off, let me just say that it is not easy. I have fallen off the wagon many times. I think the key is you have to really want to change your lifestyle. You have to want it bad. I did the slim fast diet before, and regular exercise of course, but nothing worked. When I was 23, I had a hysterectomy, and ever since then I just gained weight again and again. So, I was very hesitant when I first started Speed Keto. I was like, “Here’s another diet that I’m going to fail at again.” But, you know, I had to get my mindset right. I had to understand that this isn’t just a diet, it’s a lifestyle change. 

So, my advice to everyone out there is just stick to the plan, because it works. It really does. Don’t worry if you fail. If you do, just pick yourself back up and continue. 

How do you feel about the portion sizes on Speed Keto? Do you feel satiated?

Tammy Bennett: Sometimes, the portions can actually be a bit overwhelming. So, rather than hungry, I always feel satisfied when I leave the table. I can’t seriously can’t finish my plate sometimes! 

What was your experience when ‘dining out’ (or other social events) while on Speed Keto? Was it difficult or easy to stay on track and incorporate Speed Keto into your lifestyle?

Tammy Bennett: I mean, dining out can still be hard sometimes, but I did notice that most waiters and waitresses are accommodating. Also, the book “Keto on the Go”, also offered by Speed Keto, was very helpful to me. It helped me find Keto-friendly restaurants, and it taught me which of their meal choices were for me. 

Will you be recommending Speed Keto to your friends and family?

Tammy Bennett: Oh, I’m way ahead of you there. I already recommended it to my friends and family. They also noticed when I started losing weight, and I had this new attitude towards life. You see, I wasn’t happy with myself, the way I looked and felt, so I took it out on others. Now, though, I am way happier with myself, so I can project that good vibe to others. 

How long did it take for Speed Keto to start working for you?

Tammy Bennett: I started doing Speed Keto on December 3, 2019. Back then, I was at 198 pounds, which was the heaviest I’ve ever been. After a week of Speed Keto, I saw there was a change, but that was water weight, of course. 

So, I would say that it was until 2-3 weeks since I first started Speed Keto that I noticed that my clothes were fitting differently. The program works. Here I am today, almost a year in, and I’m now down to 116. I feel great!

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