The Supplement That Finally Gave Me Deep Sleep After 15+ Years Of Struggling*

by Jerald Dyson

A few weeks ago, I had an experience that demonstrated how well sleep support+ works. I was traveling and had packed all my vitamins and supplements in a bag. On the first night after I arrived, my sleep was not great—similar to how it was before I’d started taking the supplement. The second night, I tossed and turned too. By the third night of subpar sleep, I was confused and wanted to get to the bottom of it. I poured out my supplements and realized that I’d accidentally been taking fiber capsules instead of sleep support+; they were the same color! When I corrected the mistake, my rest was back on track once again.*

Clearly, this is a product that really works; at least for me. I’ve had such a positive experience with it that I’m now recommending it to other people in my life, like my daughter who is a Ph.D. candidate and works weird hours in a lab. I feel confident sharing sleep support+ with my loved ones knowing how much it’s helped me stay asleep through the night and wake up feeling more energized than I have in years.*

As told to mbg editor, Emma Loewe.


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