I’m An Energy Reader: Here’s How Your Relationships Will Be Tested This Week

by Jerald Dyson

The energy this week will shine a light on our relationships, specifically in terms of what is no longer serving us and what is revealed within us when that person or pattern goes. The person doesn’t necessarily have to go, but if it’s a pattern such as being walked over, poor communication, or not feeling seen, then the pattern is not serving you. By tuning in to your true expansive self, you can replace that old pattern with what’s already within that serves you but hasn’t been getting as much attention.

I’m also feeling there are two ways we can feel the energy this week. We could see the pattern and be honest with ourselves about it, or we could choose to put our heads in the sand, stick our fingers in our ears, and loudly sing “La-la-la, I can’t hear you.”

While the latter may kick the can down the road for a little bit (and no shame in can-kicking; we’ve all done it), it robs from you the opportunity to see what you get when you let yourself see what you see and know what you know.

When we let ourselves see what’s really happening, we can then feel whatever that brings up and release it (in that order, no cutting in line). And then, we can really feel into the full, expansive self that I was talking about and start living from that place.

We can enjoy our lives. We can plan next steps for what feels good. We can take a nap on a hammock that our husband installed on our porch. (Just me? No, not even me actually because I just put that request in—but I’m looking forward to it.)

This week the challenge may look like a friend leaving you out of a group chat again, a boss who drops 10 files on your desk after you told her you couldn’t take on more work, or a parent who still treats you like you’re in middle school. It also can look like realizing how much you’re worth in friendship and asking a new friend at work to hang out, making every night “self-care” night and buying new bubble bath to solidify it, or making plans to go away for the weekend instead of heading out to another difficult family night. 

This week offers you the chance to remember (maybe again) what lights you up, what it feels like when you really care for yourself, and moments of marveling in what it feels like to be the unique soul that you came here to experience.


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