The Rise of Quiet Luxury: Searches for ‘Quiet Luxury’ Explode by 614% In the Past Year

by Monica Andrews

According to Google Trends data, the rise of ‘quiet luxury’ has exploded in the past year by 614%, suggesting people are invested in this trend and turning to quality basics rather than flaunting logos. 

From Sofia Richie’s wedding to Succession, quiet luxury is having its moment; fashion experts at Boohoo explore how to have that simplistic but luxurious look and how to follow the current trend without breaking the bank.   

Ditch the logos

During one of Successions’ episodes, Tom Wambsgans describes a £2,500 Burberry bag as ‘ludicrously capacious’ and ‘monstrous’ due to its vintage check print making it recognizable.   So, when thinking of outfits that look ‘quiet luxury,’ think of multimillionaire Gwyneth Paltrow and her head-to-toe ‘old money’ looks, including the $4,876 The Row coat, luxurious cashmere sweaters and Celine boots during her week in court in March, rather than big and loud logos.   

However, quiet luxury doesn’t have to mean expensive but more elevated clean basics. Focus on more simple, versatile pieces to wear in various environments and outfits. It shouldn’t have bling quality but clean aesthetics; rather than clothing with a giant outright print of the brand name or symbol, wear and style logo-less tailored pieces. As well as this, choosing texture over logos can work, such as staple pieces made from materials like cotton, leather, cashmere, merino wool, and silk, to bring an expensive feel to the clothing.  

Opt for light make-up

Sofia Richie’s ‘quiet luxury’ wedding attracted a lot of attention to her outfits, but her natural make-up looks have also been trending with videos on TikTok, including tutorials and recreations inspired by the look. The hashtags such as #sofiarichiemakeup have gained 10.5 million views, #sofiarichieweddingmakeup has gained 7.1 million views, and the #sofiarichiemakeuproutine has gained 3.6 million views.   

Sofia made her own GRWM for her wedding look, featuring the make-up products she used. With some of these products costing under $40, it shows that people can also achieve this make-up look on a lower budget.  

Some make-up tips to achieve a ‘quiet luxury’ look are to use cream products over powders as it creates a more realistic glow on the skin and choose sheer washes of color over heavily pigmented products to give a subtle sheen. Choosing peach and bronze tones on the cheeks for a more toned-down flush of color over rose and pink, gives a more natural sun-kissed look. Choose a simple eyeshadow with groomed eyebrows and a good mascara for eye make-up.   

Skincare glow

Luxury skincare has also been growing in searches this past year, with a search increase of 53%. Skincare can be seen as a high-maintenance routine, so you can be low-maintenance with your make-up if you have an effective skincare routine that creates that glowing skin aesthetic.   

To achieve this look inspired by the likes of Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber, you can treat yourself to a facial or invest in products that suit your skin. With everyone’s skin being different, it is about learning what products will work best for you and sticking to a routine. A good highlighter can create a clean glow that reflects and enhances a healthy skin aesthetic if you struggle with skincare.    

Neutrals or monochrome

The hashtag #neutraloutfit has 461.9 million views, and #monochromeoutfit surpassed over 209.8 million views on TikTok. Neutrals have proved to be an essential wardrobe basic and work well with mixing and matching and are perfect for embodying quiet luxury, such as Sofia Richie wearing white, creams and browns in the build-up to her wedding.   

Like the logo concept, it is not about shouting about luxury and being bold but rather more toned-down elevated basics. This color pallet feeds into a capsule wardrobe, purchasing neutral clothes that can be a long-term investment and worn in multiple ways for years to come. 

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