7 Best Life Coach Certification in 2021

by Jerald Dyson
best life coach certification

Best life coach certification: As of 2021, the life coaching industry has become the 2nd fastest-growing business, with an estimated development rate of 6.6% per year. According to an estimate, life coaching will become a $25 billion industry by 2023. 

If you want to be a part of this fastest-growing community, it’s important you join a legit life coach training program. There are several institutes available that offer accreditated life coach training programs which prepare you to become a successful coach and allow you to start your own life coach business.

What Is A Life Coach Certification?

Best life coach certification: A life coach certification is a document that indicates you have completed your life coach certification program by a legit institute. This certification is like a nutrition coaching certification or a personal training certification. It enables you to coach your clients in certain areas of their lives based on your niches, such as career, finance, habit, and wellness change.

best life coach certification

What Is Accreditation?

Accreditation is the certification of your life coach certification. This consideration set a standard for a life coach certification program. Following 3 international organizations offer client confidence and accreditation to the practice of life coaching:

ICF – The International Coaching Federation

The International Coaching Federation is one of the most popular life coaching organizations. This organization creates a worldwide network of professionals that are required to meet a practice standard and exacting training.

EMCC – European Mentoring and Coaching Center

European Mentoring and Coaching Council set the best standards for coaching, mentoring, and supervision all around the globe. This organization offers a coaching directory that can be used to find EMCC coaches, supervisors, and mentors.

AC – Association for Coaching

AC is a non-profit institute that provides accreditation and promotes best practices in coaching globally. This organization also offers a member directory that provides AC-accreditated certification programs and individuals who want to find a coach.

7 Best Life Coach Certification Programs

There are hundreds of life coach certification programs available, making it hard to select one among all these options. To help you out, below, we have compiled a list of our top 7 life coach certification programs in 2021.

Erickson International – The Art and Science of Coaching

Erickson International offers different ICF-accredited certification programs. The art and science of coaching program have three different certifications, including:

  • Coach certification for non-accreditated program
  • Coach Diploma for four-module, full-length, ICF-accredited certification
  • Coach Qualification for an ICF credential

You can select a certification according to your needs and choose an on-site or online program. The online certification program is extremely extensive and self-paced. In this program, you’ll have one-to-one sessions, outdoor activities, online sessions, and more. This program is quite expensive and costs up to $5610 for on-site and $5250 for online training.


  • Extremely comprehensive and professional
  • One-to-one sessions and group mentoring
  • Payment plans available
  • Multiple certifications


  • Expensive
  • No marketing and business development courses are available

CLC – Certification Life Coach Institute

Best life coach certification: CLC offers 2 different certifications that allow you to acquire ICF-core competencies. This short-term course is available online and can be completed in three days, making it one of the shortest training programs that let you become a certified life coach. This organization offers access to coachs’ community and lifetime support. In order to become an ICF-accredited, you need to take both programs with a total of sixty hours of training.

CLC life coach programs cover all marketing, business, and coaching topics. Plus, the official website of CLC also provides a daily class schedule that provides a smooth learning experience. In addition to that, you can start your life coach business as soon as you complete this 3-day course.

best life coach certification


  • Shortest life coach certification program
  • ICF accreditation
  • Financing options available


  • Marketing and business modules are basic-level

Life Purpose Institute – Life Coach Certification Program

Best life coach certification: This organization was founded in 1984 by Fern Gorin. She used unique coaching techniques and tools to change individuals’ lives. The same methods are used in this certification program that is based on her approaches, methods, and techniques.

Life Coach Certification Program offers in-depth knowledge about life coaching. This one is also ICF-accredited and has 125 hours of coaching training. This program consists of three modules, including step-by-step coaching, marketing coaching, and business development coaching. It can cost up to $2500, and you can also select a 5-day program, three-month, six-month in-person, or online courses.


  • Payment plans available
  • Fully online and self-paced program
  • Intensive 5-day program


  • Requires more hours of training to become ICF-accredited

iPEC – ICF-Accredited Coach Certification Program

Best life coach certification: iPEC is quite popular because of its most comprehensive life coach certification programs. This ICF-accredited program offers three certifications and contains all the necessary skills and methods that you need to thrive as a professional life coach. Along with its coaching methodology and concepts, this program contains three-day virtual sessions that you have to attend after every twelve weeks.

The main focus of this program is coaching. In this certification program, you will learn from the best mentors and trainers. It comes with 120 extra hours and 200 ICF-accredited hours of training. This training program consists of self-study material, workbooks, webinars, and weekly assignments.


  • Online program with best mentors
  • Most credible and reputable certification program
  • Three different certifications from one program


  • Expensive and no payment plans

iNLP Center – Online Life Coach Certification

Next, we have the Neuro-Linguistic Programming Center. This organization offers an online life coach certification program that is ICF accreditated and self-paced. This online training program offers 4 different certifications, including:

  • NLP Mater Certification
  • NLP Coach Practitioner Certification
  • Life Coach Master Certification
  • Life Coach Basic Certification

Best life coach certification: This program is one of the most flexible life coaching programs available out there. You can select your own schedule according to your availability and can complete this whole program in six to eight months. Plus, this life coach training program allows you to work as a life coach with other students in a virtual classroom.


  • Detailed and comprehensive programs
  • Installment options available
  • Lifetime access to material
  • Four different certifications


  • Not an intensive course
best life coach certification

CTA – Coach Training Alliance

Best life coach certification: CTA is a leading organization that is accreditated by the international coaching federation. This online course includes 6-month of training that prepares you to become a certificated life coach and start your own life coach business. However, this course is quite hard; it includes several assignments, coach-to-coach sessions, tele sessions, group mentoring, and activities.

The total duration of the CTA coach certification program is twenty-two weeks, and you can cover your lessons by dedicating 5 hours of the week to this training program. This course is skill-based and focuses on developing the right life coaching skills in the students. To get your certification, you need to complete all the requirements, including active participation, 80% assignment completion, and attendance maintenance.


  • Payment plans available
  • Individual personalized learning
  • Multiple teaching methods


  • No self-pace learning

CoachU – Core Essential Program

Best life coach certification: This life coach certification program is one of the oldest training programs available out there. This online course prepares you to be a great life coach according to ICF rules. It is accredited and focuses on developing the core skills that are vital for your life coaching business. 

Core Essential Program is a beginner-level program that teaches you about the fundamentals of coaching. It is self-paced and requires 77 hours of training. If you want to complete this program quickly, you can also switch to the six-day program, which is more intensive than the regular one. Its main reason for fame is that this program covers several essential courses, such as coaching fundamentals, skills, mindset, principle, and language proficiency.


  • Lots of tools, materials, and resources
  • Intensive program
  • Self-paced and flexible


  • No payment plans available

Questions To Ask Before Selecting A Life Coach Certification Program

Life coach certifications are not that inexpensive. Therefore, before investing your money and time, it is important you ask some questions before selecting a life coach certification program, such as:

  • Do they have refund options if you don’t like the course?
  • Do they offer lifetime support and materials?
  • Can you commit to the length of time this program requires?
  • Does the mode of delivery for this program meet your needs?
  • Can you afford the cost of that certification?
  • Is your certification accreditated by a reputed organization?
  • Will they prepare you with different coaching tools and methodologies?
  • How long have they been coaching?
  • Is the instructor an experienced and successful life coach?


According to us, the best life coach certification is one that is accredited by the International Coaching Federation. The above-mentioned certifications are all recognized by experts in the industry. However, some are more rigorous than others. For instance, the Erikson Internation coaching program is one of the most extensive and comprehensive training programs available out there.

Overall, several life coach certification programs are available out there that prepare students to work with other individuals more effectively. All the programs mentioned above teach different coaching skills, communication techniques, relationship-building skills, and more.

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