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Vegetarian Picadillo

by Penny Alba


Medium Grain White Rice
Arroz Rico, Puerto Rico’s Finest – #1 Medium Grain White Rice – 3 lb. bag.

Where do rice and beans come from?

Puerto Rico
Arroz con Habichuelas translated into English basically means “rice and beans”. This dish is a staple in most Latin homes. This recipe originated in Puerto Rico, but many Latin American countries have their own variations and twists on this popular dish.

What are stewed beans made of?

If there’s one Puerto Rican dish you have to try, it’s my mom’s stewed beans. Made with sofrito, seasonings and lots of love, these hearty beans are the definition of comfort when served over a bed of hot rice.

How is Puerto Rican white rice made?

Combine the water, oil and salt in the pot and bring to a boil.
Add the rice. Remove. Lower the heat to medium heat. Boil until the water is no longer visible. About 5-10 min.
Build a mountain with rice. Cover. Bring to medium-low heat. Cook another 8 to 10 minutes.
Serve and enjoy.

What is pigeon pea rice made of?

The main components of arroz con gandules are rice and pigeon peas. The key to the delicious flavor of this recipe and many Puerto Rican recipes is the aromatic sofrito, which is a mixture of green peppers, onions, garlic, sweet Caribbean peppers called ajis dulce, and recao (or cilantro) .

What do Puerto Ricans call black beans?

For example, Cubans call any color bean bean. But Puerto Ricans call them beans. Cubans favor black beans, Puerto Ricans favor pink.

Why do Puerto Ricans call beans habichuelas?

Habichuela is mainly used in Andalusia, Spain and most Caribbean countries for Phaseolus vulgaris, or the common bean. It is commonly accepted that the word habichuela is the diminutive of haba (Vicia faba), or broad bean.

What is the difference between green beans and red beans?

In Colombia, haberdashery is used to refer to dried red beans, while habichuela refers to the green version of beans.

What are Candy Beans made of?

Sweet beans are prepared with kidney beans, cinnamon, nutmeg, coconut milk, evaporated milk, raisins, sugar and salt. Beans are boiled with cinnamon sticks and cloves, then blended to a soupy consistency. Coconut milk and evaporated milk are added with pieces of cooked sweet potatoes.

What do red beans mean?

Cilantro, chili peppers and garlic add a rich flavor to the kidney beans in this Puerto Rican staple.


If you use too much liquid, it can result in sticky rice. Use equal parts medium-grain rice and water and you’ll get the perfect fluffy rice every time.

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