Dopamine Vs Serotonin: Which Is More Important?

by Charles Purdom

In recent years there has been a great deal of research into how the body works, specifically the differences between dopamine vs serotonin. There are generally more than enough similarities between these two neurotransmitters to make it easy to distinguish between them, however it is the similarities in the effects that have researchers most interested in learning about. For example, do these neurotransmitters work together to affect mood and behavior? Do they both play important roles in the human brain? We are explaining some of similarities and differences between dopamine vs serotonin.


In recent years many large studies on the effect of the two neurotransmitters have been conducted on animals in order to determine if they behave similarly when in the presence of depression or anxiety. The results of these studies implicate that both affect the brain through the neurotransmitter actions that they send to neurons. Dopamine, a chemical neurotransmitter, is responsible for our sense of pleasure and drives us to seek out rewarding experiences, while serotonin is primarily responsible for our sense of emotion and motivation. As you can see both of these important neurotransmitters are involved in our mood and behavior.

Dopamine Vs Serotonin

When we are experiencing an emotional disturbance or are feeling depressed we often will experience a surge in our dopamine levels and serotonin levels in our brains. It is much more advisable to find natural ways of treating the problem so as not to have adverse long term effects. On the similarities of dopamine vs serotonin there are natural supplements that increase dopamine and serotonin levels, without the side effects of any drugs on the market today. It is also possible to increase your serotonin levels through diet, which is not as difficult as you may think. The herbs and vitamins we take naturally have been shown to increase dopamine and serotonin levels naturally, without any dangerous side effects.

What are the differences?

In dopamine vs serotonin there are many differences between the two, but one of the biggest is how they affect the brain.While both play a significant role in the brain, Serotonin is oftentimes chosen by doctors because of its positive mental health benefits, while Dopamine is often chosen because it is an effective stimulant of the brain. However, there are some cases where Dopamine is the neurotransmitter that is found in larger quantities than Serotonin, thus creating the positive mood swings associated with the condition. In these cases, using both serotonin and Dopamine may be needed for treating the same symptoms.


To understand better dopamine vs serotonin here it is an example. If you’ve ever had a good night’s sleep with lots of sound, touch and movement, then without a doubt you’re still getting a good dose of dopamine. Recent studies indicate that the right amount of Dopamine can improve sleep quality as well as reduce daytime sleepiness. Dopamine, a chemical neurotransmitter that helps to control and enhance the functioning of various parts of the central nervous system, acts to alleviate feelings of fatigue and stimulate alertness. 

A major breakthrough in treating major depressive disorders resulted when scientists discovered that when mice were given an unlimited amount of Dopamine, they for the first time ever found a way to eliminate the pesky symptoms of depression. Dopamine, released by the prefrontal cortex in your brain, plays a major role in regulating mood, appetite, libido and other aspects of behavior. 

Dopamine plays a vital role in the functioning of the reward system in our brains as well. The reward system is a network of neurons that provide animals, humans and other things with “rewards” and “trophies” based on their performance. These neurons are activated when animals perform actions that elicit positive reinforcement (food, water or other rewards) or perform behaviors that are linked to favorable outcomes (getting a prize or avoiding a punishment).


When we compare dopamine vs serotonin we need to know that Serotonin is very important to our bodies and specifically to our sexual functions. Serotonin is responsible for many bodily functions, ranging from controlling mood to digesting food to regulating sex drive. In the difference of dopamine vs serotonin the primary role of serotonin in the body is to regulate mood so that we are constantly in the mood. The secondary role of serotonin is because it is often a target of certain drugs which are used to cure anxiety, depression, and other mental disorders.

Dopamine Vs Serotonin

There are many different types of exercise which helps to produce serotonin in the body. For most women the hormone estrogen plays a major role in stimulating the brain to produce enough serotonin so that we have normal sleep and sex. One of the ways to stimulate the brain to produce enough serotonin is by performing the five basic hand movements which are essential in relieving tension, relaxing, and stretching. One particular exercise routine is the Swedish Massage, which is one of the few forms of exercise which is a proven way to relieve tension

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