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Shaping a Healthy Workplace: Unveiling Insights with Kimberly Parker of Healthy Mind Counseling & Nutrition, LLC

by Jed Morley
Kimberly Parker

In today’s fast-paced and demanding corporate landscape, the importance of prioritizing mental health in the workplace has become more evident than ever before. As organizations strive to create environments that nurture their employees’ overall well-being, the spotlight on mental health support and awareness continues to grow. To delve into this crucial topic, we sat down with a diverse group of entrepreneurs who have championed the cause of fostering mental health awareness and support within their organizations.

Name: Kimberly Parker
Company: Healthy Mind Counseling & Nutrition,LLC

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What are some key strategies for organizations to identify and address early signs of mental health issues among employees? Share your insights and experiences on implementing proactive measures.

Kimberly Parker: Quarterly employee wellness surveys that are anonymous, would allow upper management to see the climate of their corporation. Initially, upon hire, client retention through mental wellness should be a topic of discussion. Informing your new hire that the company focus is on collectivism or at least moving in that direction.

When supervisors have a close business relationship with their employees, they can notice a change in their behaviors. Noticing when your employee is working beyond office hours. Morning meetings should start with having employees engaged on how they are feeling today and then how they believe work is flowing. The morning meeting should be a time to discuss strategic ways to have a healthy workflow.

How can companies create a supportive environment for employees to openly discuss mental health and seek help when needed? Share examples of successful communication and resources that have made a difference in your organization.

Kimberly Parker: I suggest that companies acknowledge special months such as May being Mental Health Awareness Month. Monthly company newsletters that reiterate the use of benefits such as the employee assistance program. The climate of the workplace should be collectively driven, this creates a comfortable environment. Your employees will feel comfortable when needing time off that their teammates to be there to assist them.

Toxic positivity should not be promoted as it reinforces suppressing ones feeling and wearing a mask as if everything is fine. Successful communication consists of having respect for the other person to voice their opinion without interruption. Communication is an art, which could turn out to be a masterpiece or a disaster.

Discussing how mental health is stigmatized and hearing the opinions of others. Many times, stigmas come from a lack of knowledge and understanding. I found that having mental health clinicians and advocates come in as guest speakers helps to open dialogue on the matters. Having an expert helps to break the ice and questions people may be afraid to ask, the mental health speaker could answer these through sharing knowledge.

What role can training and education play in fostering mental health awareness in the workplace? Share your experience with impactful workshops, seminars, or training programs that have contributed to a better understanding and support of mental health among employees.

Kimberly Parker: I provide psychoeducation events in person and online to make people aware of mental wellness. The month of May is ” Mental Health Awareness Month” and I was part of a wellness event for the city my business is located. The more you educate yourself on mental health, the more the stigma is dispelled. A healthy workplace produces healthy employees and when your employees feel as if they are a part of the team. Your employees must feel as if they belong, this keeps the retention rate high. Team exercises build camaraderie ad it eradicates guilt when you feel the need to take time off from work.

Jed Morley, VIP Contributor to WellnessVoice and the host of this interview would like to thank Kimberly Parker for taking the time to do this interview and share her knowledge and experience with our readers.

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