Joe Mullings – The Mullings Group – Leaders In Medtech, Healthtech And Life Sciences

by Jed Morley
Joe Mullings – The Mullings Group – Leaders In Medtech, Healthtech And Life Sciences

“Adding the right kind of people to your team can eliminate a large percentage of unneeded problems in your business.”

Joe Mullings is the Chairman & CEO of The Mullings Group Companies, including TMG Search, Dragonfly Stories and TMG360 Media. The search firm is responsible for more than 8,000 successful searches in the medtech / healthtech / life sciences industry with clients ranging from multi-billion-dollar companies to emerging tech startups worldwide.

Dragonfly Stories, which produces attention and awareness campaigns for companies globally, is the media production company behind the Award-Winning video docu-series, “TrueFuture,” of which Joe is the host. TMG360 Media utilizes the power of media and outreach in medtech / healthtech to move businesses and health forward.

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In The Past Year, What Is The Greatest Business Achievement You’d Like To Celebrate With Your Team? Please Share The Details Of That Success.

Joe Mullings: This past year we had a number of substantial business achievements. There are two that specifically stand out. The first, was a record-breaking year for the number of searches done as well as the overall billings for our firm.

The second, which is substantial, is the development of our infrastructure that will allow us to meaningfully scale our business around the globe. We have outstanding leaders in each of the critical areas of search operations, media & marketing, finance, and business intelligence.

Joe Mullings

Quiet Quitting, The Great Resignation, Are An Ongoing Trend Causing Many Businesses To Struggle Keeping Talent Engaged And Motivated. Most Are Leaving Because Of Their Boss Or Their Company Culture. 82% Of People Feel Unheard, Undervalued And Misunderstood In The Workplace. In Your Experience, What Keeps Employees Happy? And How Are Adapting To The Current Shift We See?

Joe Mullings: March of 2020 introduced a catalyst event into the workplace that we had not experienced in modern history. This included workplace lockdowns, hierarchies of access for employees in-office or at-home requirements from employers.

It also introduced the dialogue and arguments for not needing to return to the office, which let the genie out of the bottle for the WFX environment and all that came with it. Discussions around work / life balance, mental health, and workplace culture became amplified and established a war zone of sort between employers and employees.

That lead to a workplace inertia or a workplace contagion that had employees adapt a pack mentality that had them evaluating individuals who were resigning, which then led to others following suit.

Conversations around, “Who left? Why did they leave? Were they a high performer?”, had others in the workplace say. “I guess I could say that I am happy here, but could I be happier somewhere else?” And the rush to the exit sign was underway.

We are now seeing the Great Resignation wave dramatically flatten out, and those who may have made rushed decisions, as influenced by the pack, in roles that while are paying them more, or are allowing them to work remote, be less fulfilling of an experience. A solid percentage are now seeking out fulfilling work and in-person work arrangements instead of the reflexive move for money, and in some cases, workplace revenge against the institutions.

“Discussions around work / life balance, mental health, and workplace culture became amplified and established a war zone of sort between employers and employees.”
Joe Mullings

Here Is A Two Fold Question: What Is The Book That Influenced You The Most And How? Please Share Some Life Lessons You Learned. Now What Book Have You Gifted The Most And Why?

Joe Mullings: Robert Cialdini’s book, “Pre-Suasion,” and the book before that was, “Influence, the Psychology of Persuasion.” The ability to communicate your ideas and greatly influence the consideration of those ideas is a key to succeeding in anything that you do.

Business Is All About Overcoming Obstacles And Creating Opportunities For Growth. What Do You See As The Real Challenge Right Now?

Joe Mullings: One of the most daunting challenges of the business landscape is determining how you will structure your organization in regards to WFX, in-office, and remote workers.

Understanding the types of people, their temperament’s and constructing a work environment that leverages all of those work arrangements by identifying the profiles, creating content to engage with those people, getting them to consider coming to join your team and then retaining them will quickly start to create a distance in business from those that have and those that have not.

Joe Mullings

What Does “success” In The Year To Come Mean To You? It Could Be On A Per- Sonal Or Business Level, Please Share Your Vision.

Joe Mullings: In the upcoming year, we will continue to develop our team’s leadership capabilities, give individuals in the firm activities and parts of the work flow to own.

Meaning, letting someone know what you would like to get done, why you want to get it done, how it interacts with other functions in the organization, and then get out of their way and give them that to own and grow. It is not a zero-sum game when building a business.

The owner / leader should be working on leading-edge strategies and growth opportunities and empowering their teammates to build their own communities within the greater entity.

Jed Morley, VIP Contributor to WellnessVoice and the host of this interview would like to thank Joe Mullings for taking the time to do this interview and share his knowledge and experience with our readers.

If you would like to get in touch with Joe Mullings or his company, you can do it through his – Linkedin Page

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